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New Library and Reading Room Inaugurated

New Library and Reading Room  Inaugurated

 Fr. Thomas Anthraper, SJ, the former Headmaster of the School inaugurated the new state-of-the-art library, funded, designed, furnished and renovated by the 82 Batch Alumni Association. The new library will transform St. Joseph's library into a model library for the twenty-first century: a center of learning, creativity, collaboration, and community. Architect Regive Manuel, an alumnus, is the designer of this new wonder of knowledge. St. Joseph School wholeheartedly thank Mr. M K Siraj, (President, 1982 Batch Alumni Association),  Mr. Regive Manuel (Architect & Vice President),  Mr. Sanjay Alex, Adv. Sai Nath, Dr. Navas K. M., Dr. Sreekanth, Mr. Firoz, Mr. Sai Ram, Mr. Deepak, Mr. Anil Vishavanathan, Mr. G C Prasanth, Mr. Paul Jose and all their batch mates for taking up this project and making it a reality.