Rules & Regulations

St. Joseph's Boys' Higher Secondary School
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  1. The Catholic pupils should be deligent in the practice of their religion. Hence they have to seriously study their religion. Whenever called upon to attend special religious services in the school chapel, they should attend with devotion. The Headmaster / Principal is entitled to see that all Catholic boys conform to these rules.
  2. All boys should devoutly take part in the common prayers which will be recited before the beginning of the day and after this the students greet in common the teacher who presides.
  3. Students should punctually attend class. Those who arrive early should go straight to their respective classes and start their studies in perfect silence. They should not loiter about the school compound or talk in the school premises. But they may go out at the warning bell. At the second bell all should be in their class rooms. Those who arrive after the second bell may go to class only with the permission of the Headmaster / Principal.
  4. If any student is unable to attend class, the parent or guardian should apply for leave. Absence without previous leave is punishable. After leave or absence, the boy will not be admitted to class unless, the guardian has recorded the fact and signed in the school diary.
  5. A pupil shall be removed from the rolls, if he has been absent without leave for 15 working days consecutively or has been continuosly absent for 5 working days from the re-opening day.
  6. When a teacher or any one in authority enters the class all must honour him by standing up. Students should greet the teachers when and wherever they meet the teachers for the first time during the day.
  7. The Headmaster / Principal may be seen immediately before or after class hours. Boys are not allowed to enter the staffrooms. Students may go to the office counter only on business. Students should not gather together or talk on the office corridor. Students should greet politely any strangers found on the school premises and take them to the Headmaster / Principal. Visitors are not allowed to walk on the corridor or go to the rooms.
  8. All must be careful to keep their person, dress, books, class room and precincts clean and to respect teachers and companions.
  9. Class furniture should not be shifted or taken out of the class room. Boys should not write or make marks on furniture or wall. Nails may not be struck and pictures fixed up on the wall. Any damages done to the school property should be immediately reported to the Headmaster / Principal and made good.
  10. Class rooms are sacred. No recreation is to be had in the class rooms. During the intervals, all boys must immediately go out of the class. Students should not enter any class room except their own.
  11. Any documents from the office such as Transfer certificates, extracts from admission registers etc., should be applied for at least three working days in advance.
  12. Every boy in the U.P. & High school must have school uniform of white half sleeve shirt (not T shirt), with black pants and School belt. A boy in the +2 should have school uniform of dark cream shirt and black pants. Students are not permitted to wear jeans, dhoti, skinny, low waist pants and fashion hair cutting is strictly prohibited. U.P. & H.S. boys have to wear only black shoes or chapels along with uniform. They are not permited to wear coloured shoes or chapels.
  13. When going from one class to another they should go in line and in perfect silence.
  14. During school hours boys may not go out of the school compound without the permission of the Headmaster /Principal.
  15. Pupils are not allowed to stay at the school gate or road side or streets.
  16. Boys are not allowed to go to the beach during intervals.
  17. Do not throw about bits of paper in class rooms and verandahs. Please pick up bits of paper and drop them in dust bins.
  18. Do not gather around guests and their vehicles.
  19. Metal boxes for carrying books, blades and other such sharp instruments are not to be brought to school. Books, Magazines and other periodicals, not approved by Headmaster/ Principal should not be brought to the school and if brought are liable to be confiscated.
  20. At public meetings and matches, our boys should maintain the honour of the school by their orderly behaviour. Shouting and continued clapping of hands are unbecoming.
  21. Frequent absence from class, lack of diligence in studies, disobedience to teachers, quarrelsomeness, indecent talk and conduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal from the school.
  22. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the school premises. Students should not buy unhygienic victual from street vendors. They should not enter the Jesuit House premises.
  23. All boys must attend the examination. Promotion will be hindered by absence from and any malpractice in the examination.
  24. Tuition without the Headmaster's / Principal's permission is to be avoided.
  25. Progress cards are issued two weeks after the terminal examination. Parents are requested to check, sign and return them without delay. They are also invited to take advantage of these occasions to visit the school and discuss the progress of their children with the Headmaster / Principal and class teacher.
  26. Each one is free to bring any complaint to the authorities. Group petitions however are against rules.
  27. In and out of school every boy's behaviour should be such as to bring honour to himself, his family and the School.
  28. Use of mobile phones and motor bikes are prohibited in the campus.
  29. This calendar should be kept carefully and brought to class on all working days. Without the calendar the boy will not be admitted to class. If lost a fine of Rs. 25 will be imposed.